Seminars & Workshops

Morning Seminar

The Right Balance

Striking the right balance between work and life is a very personal and individual process. After positive feedback and popular demand, we will host another morning seminar in the upcoming weeks.


Managing Transition During Challenging Times

This half-day seminar addresses the different kinds of changes that affect the work place. Participants will learn specific mechanisms that help manage transition on an individual level and to help colleagues and teams transition as well.


Creative Team Building Workshops

We offer different formats for team building workshops, from one-off events to retreats to ongoing sessions at your workplace.

Bringing Soul Back Into The Workplace

High Quality Tailored Programmes and Courses

Karma Consulting programmes and courses are tailored around each company, addressing issues of integrity and authenticity, team-building, motivation, stress-management, work-life balance, employee/director well-being, yoga and meditation workshops.

All Level Individual and Group Training

Our programmes are designed for individuals or groups in all levels of an organisation, focusing on bringing balance back to businesses and to people. Please view the list of programmes and courses below, and feel free to contact us with queries.

About Karma Consulting

Karma Consulting was developed in 2005 as a new approach to managing business and careers. We have created the concept based on backgroungs of organisational behaviour and corporate social responsibility, Eastern philosophies and the science of Yoga. Our programmes are based upon the latest research and corporate trends, combined with the timeless wisdom of Yoga philosophy.

We offer consulting, professional coaching, training and professional development, and meeting facilitation in the following areas:
  • Business, Balance, Purpose & Success
  • Corporate Karma Management
  • Coaching & Counseling
  • Work & Life Balance
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Corporate Yoga & Meditation